The iPhone 5 Rumors Worth Believing

 Sometimes it feels impossible to wade through the torrent of Apple rumors streaming constantly from the keyboards of thinly sourced tech blogs to the eyes of eagerly waiting fanboys. Speculation over the iPhone 5 has been particularly bad as of late. Last month, we pointed to an article by Sascha Segan, a blogger at PC magazine who said he was getting "physically sick of the nonstop iPhone rumor mill." Segan's inevitably right that tech blogs are pumping out countless posts about the new iPhone and that many of them contradict each other. That's why they're called rumors.

Nevertheless, the past week has delivered a few new updates that we can stomach. Among other things, we already believed that the iPhone would sport the fast A5 chip that's in the iPad 2 and that Apple would offer a suite of low-, mid- and high-price models. Apple has also already announced the neat details of the operating system that will power the new iPhone, including updated notifications and Dashboard-like widgets. But here's a fresh set of updates that feel fairly dependable.


Regardless of the timing of the release and the exact specifications, however, we can count on Apple's next iPhone creating a massive splash. Apple is quickly becoming the most valuable company in the world, and they're definitely hoping the new phone will help them grow even more. Retailers are already getting ready by dropping the prices of old models, and all signs point to a new model this fall. The tech blogs will of course continue to joust over every little detail, and we'll keep a close eye on it. In the meantime, somewhere in the world, there's some guy getting ready to stand in line for days to be the first owner of the shiny new Apple thing.