Introduction of PVB films

Material of PVB Films

PVB films, also callePolyvinyl Butyral, are extruded mixture of special plasticizer, additives and PVB resin that form PVB films with even thickness.
Material of PVB Films

Structure Compositions of PVB Films

PVB films are primarily applied in laminated glass that is a construction of two or more pieces of glass. The high adhesive PVB films are clamped between layers, so PVB films must equip with excellent adhesion, light transmission and safety. Structure Compositions of PVB Films

The advantages and characteristics of PVB films

High Safety building material:
Due to high tenacity and adhesion of PVB films, the films can endure external impact and are hard to penetrate through. Although the glass might be broken, it reduces the damage level dramatically since the glass fragment will not scattered around.
High Energy saving building material:
PVB films can reduce radiations from the sun to penetrate into buildings and automobiles, which can balance the high temperature sunlight. Thus, will save electricity consumption for air-condition in buildings and automobiles effectively.
Sound proof:
PVB films have a good characteristic of Sound proof, which not only block external noise from outside but also provide a private space.
Absorption of UV rays:
PVB films have a good characteristic of UV rays absorption, prevent discoloration due to UV rays from the sun.
Aesthetics of buildings:
PVB films provide multiple colors to choose, harmonizing with the surroundings and satisfying designers demand.

Applications of laminated glass

Glass walls, dormers, skylight panels of buildings Partitions or furniture of interior decorating
Automobile windscreens Burglarproof, bullet proof, and explosion proof
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