Laminated glass for automobiles

PVB interlayer films for laminated automotive glass

The front windscreens of automobiles use laminated glass. By using 0.76 mm of PVB interlayer films and two pieces of hot bending glass at the same thickness, the weight of laminated glass is 10 % lighter than ordinary tempered glass, saving the total weight of an automobile by 4 kg. DuLite Co., Ltd. insists on providing stable quality PVB films at reasonable price and improving manufacturing technologies, urging ourselves to be the best in the world.
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Applications of PVB interlayer films in laminated automotive glass:

  • Automotive safety glass
  • Front windscreens
  • Glass for luxurious buses

Four characteristics

PVB FILM Four characteristics

Three promises

High adhesion, High transparency, High endurance.

Three persistence

Reasonable price, Stable quality, Prompt supply.
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